Overcoming Goliath


Last winter, a middle school student of mine (let's call him David) shared with me the real reason why he was so violently against facing his fear of new things, like the giant rope swing I had asked him to ride with me: he didn't have any friends to boast about his potential feat to. 

As he shed tears, my heart broke knowing that he wasn't the only student or friend I had with disabilities that felt the piercing ache for a community. 

I remember praying to God in the desperate gulp of air I took before I stooped down to talk to him, "God, You empower him." And from my mouth, came simple affirmation, reminding him of who he was in Christ and his irreplaceable place in the Kingdom of God. To my amazement, David got up, wiped his tears, wiggled into his safety gear, got into the ride, and said, "Let's do it." As the swing finally released, I couldn't help but lift my hands in praise of the metaphoric freedom we enjoy in Christ to partake in fellowship and community. 

That winter, I was reminded of why God intended us to belong in community. We are weak and susceptible to believing that how the world defines our worth, potential, and value is true. We easily forget the One who created us and question why He made us the way He did. 

I learned from David that God instilled all of the power and authority to overcome our fears, our "Goliath's", within the gospel. And we all are in need of a community that reminds us to believe, not just in ourselves, but in the Savior who chooses the unlikely, the "weak", to lead the strong. 

We founded The Kardia Center to remind our students of this truth: they are intentionally and wonderfully created by a good Father and loved by the saving Christ. Our prayer is that as they experience the mystery and wonder of God's intentional design within and around them through STEAM, they'll be empowered to overcome the Goliath's in their lives by faith. 

Please pray with us over our students as they embark on a new school year! 


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