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Kardia provides STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education enrichment programs tailored to students of all disabilities and ages. 




HOW TO GROW A MIND: Our Philosophy

  1. Sunlight
    We offer a 1:1 to 1:3 student-staff ratio because we understand that students (like plants) have sunlight preferences. Whether your student needs direct sunlight or a little shade, your student will receive the guidance and support they need to confidently thrive at Kardia.

  2. Water
    We tailor our STEAM enrichment curriculum to your students' personal interests and skills, because students (and plants) thrive when watered properly. By optimizing the individual learning experience and partnering with you and your student's school teachers, we supplement your student's specific academic needs to help your student blossom with measurable and scalable results.

  3. Soil
    Although students (like seeds) require unique variations of sunlight and water, ALL need good soil to grow into healthy and mature individuals. Our community is mineral rich with the highest quality of mentors and tutors, who are passionate about engaging our students through STEAM. We provide a safe, fun, and inclusive community where our students can cultivate genuine friendships as they root themselves in confidence and grow.

Kardia is more than a STEAM program. We're a garden of minds, growing together at our own paces.

Click image to register for After-School Program

Click image to register for After-School Program

After-School Program

Students enrolled in our Atmós After-School Program rotate through multiple learning environments including culinary, art, science, and technology/engineering stations to ensure a wholistic exposure to STEAM-based learning and developing both problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

We tailor our programs to your student's unique interests, skills, school IEP goals, and disabilities, but all once a week, 3 hour sessions follow this basic itinerary:

  • 30 Minute After-School STEAM Snack & Mentorship/Community Time

  • 1 Hour Guided STEAM Activity

  • 10 Minute Brain Pause & Recap

  • 1 Hour Homework Assistance

  • 10 Minute Brain Pause & Recap

  • 10 Minute Reflection Journal Time

Click here for more information on the itinerary!