How we create your
student's individualized
STEAM Enrichment Program

The 4D Approach:

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1. Deepen

We dig in & deepen our relationships with our students and their families before we begin drafting an individualized STEAM program.

Why? Students only spend 1000 out of 8760 hours a year in a formal learning environment. 
So it only makes sense for us to get to know who our students are outside of the classroom first.

And in doing so, we also get the dirt on how we can better invest in the families of our students. Providing households with services and resources not only helps strengthen our students' roots, but also promotes healthy and fruitful families. 

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2. Discuss

We discuss your student's IEP goals with you and then introduce ourselves to your student's teachers at school to request their syllabi for the academic year.

Why? Your student's academia is our first priority. We first streamline our programs to enrich and supplement what your student is already learning in the classroom. We optimize the individualized learning experience to use STEAM to solidify concepts that your student might need extra time in at school.  

We then discuss with your student about their academic goals, interests, and career aspirations to see how we can direct and supplement their academic trajectory to achieve them. 


3. Demonstrate

After we create an individualized STEAM program for your student that both supplements their academics and personal aspirations, we let our program demonstrate the power of STEAM in empowering your student to excel.

Through our programs, you'll see your student develop critical thinking and problem solving skills as they articulate their observations, analyze experiments, apply concepts, and create innovative solutions. You'll see your student demonstrating higher order thinking as they engage in hands on STEAM activities such as building a marble run or a hydraulic powered bridge. 

The skills your student will develop through STEAM will allow them to better develop and articulate themselves and their ideas to the world around them! 


4. Datafy

We've figured out how to make learning fun AND data-based. 
Our secret? Student empowerment. By datafying their own progress (unknowingly) through their Kardia Reflection Lab Books, students steward their own development and harvest the fruits of their own hard work!

On top of that, our staff datafy the fun your student is having by keeping IEP charts to document your student's growth and progress--inch by inch. 

Why do we datafy fun? So that you and your student can confidently dare to grow higher than you thought you could--backed up by hard evidence that you can and will.